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  • Home | WHS (New) | Waseca High Schools Missing Graduates, 1985-1994

    Waseca High School's Missing Graduates, 1985-1994

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    We don't have current contact information for the following graduates of Waseca High School. If you have current contact information on any of them or if you know if any of them have died, please contact us at WasecaAlums.com.

    1985: Sally Armstrong, James Ayotte, Mike Darnutzer (or 1986?), Mark Guse, Dawn Hanson, Bill Hartman, Tammy Hayes, Matt Jacobsen, Harold Jewison, Gary Koziolek, Devon Krassin, Neil Larrabee, Derek Nelson, Patricia Ross, Vicki Ryan, Jeff Schoer, Danny Tanner, Todd Warweg, Tim Wirtz, Sabine Zahn
    1986: Robert Jensen, Pat Jones, Aaron Kampen, Ute Kaschke, Beverly Lee, Kristy Norton, Shane O'Brien, Ann Paul, Thomas Schiller, Brian Tollefson, Carolyn Harms Truebenbach, Eva Wiegertz
    1987: Rodrigo Barja (Exchange student), Randy Cobb, Rebecca Danberry, Lori Karels, Bill Monahan, Scott Runquist, Gena Bauman Stoner, Tom Thissen, Katya Wilson, Kristine Meyman Zanker
    1988: Dawn Bishop, Troy Murphy, Jeff Rahn
    1989: Chanise Applen, Jennifer Eliason, David Fliflet, Randall Geraghty, Ann Jurl Hansacker, Todd Henry, Donald Keeney, Eric Knudson, Mark Madson, Lisa Meseck, Willie Rick, Candace Rozell, Nicholas Sartell, Vera Sogoian, Joe Tousignant
    1990: Jodi Allison, Allen Anderson, Scott Androli, Susan Arndt, Michelle Byrge, Thomas Dey, Benjamin Finger, Binanca Haberstroh (Exchange student - Germany), James Handsaker, William Hanson, Justin Joachim, Dustin Johnson, Jeremy Krause, Wendy Krause, Debra Krueger, Sarah Kruger, Brenda Larsen, Georg Link (Exchange student - Germany), Priscilla Martini (Exchange student - Brazil), Leah McCarthy, Lance Miller, David Moeller, Steven Moeller, David Nelson, Lance Nielsen, Francoise Marie Oliet (Exchange student - France), Todd Owen, Timothy Rick, Corey Rodriquez, Scott Roemhildt, Milena Rojas (Exchange student - Puerto Rico); Mattew Staloch; Dustin Thompson; James Ward; Mark Weller; Allen White
    1991: Barbara Bryan, Valerie Condon Christiansen, Eric Lehman, Michelle Meyer, Bradley Senne, Jeffrey Storm, Heather Wobschall
    1992: Guy Bice, Amy Cole Blackman, Diane Bluhm, Amy Kahnke Britton, Jennifer Fentris Cooksey, Lynnea Evans, David Hanks, Kendra Hinton, Francis Hite, Sarah Hoskins, Heather Gieseke Huiras, Pamela Klug, Richard Lundahl, Raymond Merrit, Amy Merritt, Shannon Mogansen, Tom Paulson, Brett Risner, Rebecca Roemhildt, Benjamin Sather, Crista Schmidtknecht, Willie Silva, Brice Summers, Heather Thompson, Anna Tornquist
    1993: Ron Davis, Christopher Dickie, Jolee Miller, Naomi Parkhurst, Bastian Sandberger
    1994: Jeremiah Blake, Esther Huijsman, Tammy Lewer, Rachel Martius, Cindi Mlenek, Heather Tufvander

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     In Remembrance
    'In Remembrance'
    • David Don McColley (75), SSA 1955
    • Sandra W. Warner Jurek (70), WHS 1959
    • Margaret Mary Murphy Thompson (74), SHHS 1956
    • Gertrude I. Jorgensen Kujath (94), WHS 1937
    • Milton Bathke (62), SSA
    • David 'Buzz' Dean Gehloff (65), WHS 1965
    • Sharon Kay Campbell Killday-Hall (70), WHS 1959
    • Laurence V. Ruedy (82), WHS 1948
    • Loretta Beckman Kirkpatrick (72), WHS 1957
    • Phyllis Robran Peterson (79), WHS 1951
    • Kimberly Peterson Motzko (48), WHS 1981
    • Roger G. Byron (75), WHS 1955
    • John D. Spittler (69), WHS 1961
    • Wayne R. 'Bumps' Brown (87), WHS 1942
    • William F. Severin (87), WHS 1947
    'In Remembrance'

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